You can buy the pictures represented on our website. Three artist's work are available in a special way also. You will be able to buy them from our website by few clicks soon in our webshop. 

The three artists are FESZT LászlóHERENCSÁR András and KULCSÁR Ágnes. You can buy their artworks as limited editions giclée prints. 

These prints are available from now by email or phone until the start of the webshop. 

Prices: (Sizes mentioned below are the sizes of the paper, not the pictures printed on them. You can pay with Euro as well count on the daily exchange rate.) 

A5 10.000 HUF

A4 20.000 HUF
A3 40.000 HUF
A2 70.000 HUF
A1 100.000 HUF

You can order frames for the pictures also. Our offers always broaden that is why we suggest to come and visit us personally and choose there. We can send you offers by email as well if needed.  

Prises of frames starts from 1000 HUF / meter.